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Swedish rules for e-scooters

Posted by Tobias Stenberg on

Swedish rules for e-scooters

Traffic rules and laws

In Sweden, the Swedish Transport Agency has finally started to classify light-powered vehicles and so far there is only one defined class and that is when it is classified as a bicycle. The electric scooter can have a maximum speed of 20 km/h and have an engine power of max 250W.

Anyone are allowed to ride a bicycle regardless of age, but helmet requirements apply to those under the age of 15. They should have lighting and reflections at night driving. For more info see the link to the Swedish Transport Agency below.



E-scooters may be used where a bicycle may be ridden, ie a bicycle path or on the right side of the road. It should be led on the pavement and on pedestrian crossings.

All electric scooters that are not classified as cycles, ie go faster than 20 km/h and have larger engine power than 250W, are not allowed to drive on roads where traffic rules apply. They may only be performed on a private road or fenced area.

There is still great uncertainty about what applies to e-scooters and the police are rarely looking for this, unless when someone constitutes a traffic hazard or danger to the public.


    Bring your e-scooter on a bus or a train

      There are no restrictions to bring your scooter in public transport or SJ. Use common sense and avoid dirtying fellow road users and seats. Even if there are no rules, there is a risk that you will not be boarded with an overweight, bulky or non-collapsible electric stick.

      More information can be found on the links to SL's and SJ's website below.




      Fly with an e-scooter

      For flights, the rules are strict and also vary between different countries/airports. Most likely, they will not let through your electric scooter whether you check it in or take it as hand luggage. If you remove the battery, it may be carried in hand luggage if it is less than 100Wh for lithium ion, ie electric scooters for children. However, all electric scooters like jackstraithill.com sells are often > 180 Ah. For more information, see the Swedish Transport Agency's website below.


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