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Why buy an e-scooter?

Posted by Tobias Stenberg on

Why buy an e-scooter?

Simple and easy

There is no vehicle that is so optimal for the short trips (0-30 km) as an electric scooter. You just step out the door, step on the board, press the gas and you go at the same speed as the faster cyclists. Uphill it is perhaps a little extra fun ;).

The minimal design of the e-scooter means that most people bring it into the office and up into the apartment. The very fact that it is close at hand makes it a vehicle that takes you from A to B the fastest. If it starts to rain, feel sorry for the cyclists for a second, before you decide to fold your e-scooter and step on the bus, subway or tram.


Simple and fun to ride

The best thing about the e-scooter is that it is so extremely easy to drive, even easier than cycling. You stand only a decimeter above the ground, completely free of frames and saddle, if you feel unsure then you just step off and you are in a walking, or in the worst case in running, position. In addition, the engine are integrated into the wheels and the battery are usually in the board so the center of gravity is as low it can come, which makes it easy to drive and balanced. However, it is a motor-driven vehicle that goes 20-30 km/h, so you belong to the fast driving type we recommend helmet and some caution.

Easy to bring

The e-scooter is, through its construction, much easier to carry and to stow away than for example a bike or scooter. If it starts raining, you can easily take it with you on the bus, tram or metro, which is fully permitted.

There are variants that even fit in the usual storage compartments that are in the trunk of most modern cars, eg. Tesla, Volvo, BMW, VW, etc.

If you own a motorhome, caravan or boat, there is no other motor-driven vehicle, or tramp-driven either for that part, which takes as little space. An e-scooter excels everything when it comes to being stowed away. Forget, roof racks, bike racks or other rigs. The e-scooter you stow away in a small compartment.


Low operating cost – only 0,25 SEK per 10 km

An e-scooter is one of the cheapest motorized vehicles to purchase. The maintenance cost is very low as the electric motor is more or less maintenance-free. The only cost is the electricity cost for charging the battery, about 1 SEK for a full charge. A good battery holds 600-800 charges, so expect that you need to buy a new battery every three years, which costs between 1500-3000 SEK depending on the battery.

Worth considering

Think about how you will use your e-scooter. Should you commute long each day, maybe it is worth buying a robust, safe, with shock absorber and larger wheels, even if it is slightly heavier. Should you just drive short trips and simply want to carry it on the bus, then maybe you should focus on weight and size, before comfort. Do you want a bad boy that spin loose and also fixes off road, then performance is the focus. Read more about what you should consider when buying an e-scooter on www.jackstraithill.com.

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