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eKickbikes are here to stay!


Over the past year, Jack has seen the electric scooter go from an oddity in the streets and squares to legitimate commuter vehicles. Companies like Voi and Lime have established themselves and it is difficult to miss that people like to ride eKickbikes. Many solve the last mile problem from the parking lot to the office with the help of an electric scooter and many enjoy a ride around town while people living in the immediate area solve their entire transport from home to work with an electric scooter.

Jack thinks that everyone should have their own electric scooter, of course, in the caravan, the camper, in your Tesla or in your regular petrol car. An electric kickbike is great to have for those quick trips when you park your car.

In the long run it will be expensive to go with a hired eKickbike, there are surveys that show that it is cheaper to buy your own than to constantly rent.

Jack Straithill gives a thumbs up to both options, Jack just wants you to have fun and go on a escooter regardless of whether it comes from Jack or if you rent.

At Jack Straithill you will find the most awesome rides, the hottest scooters and lots of accessories and spare parts. The electric kickbike is here to stay, time for you to get one says Jack.

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