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Electric Scooters are fun to drive and good for the environment

electric scooter

Jack likes his electric scooter.

For him, the benefits are obvious. It is a perfect way to easily commute short distances.

In addition, the scooters are fun to drive and are better for the environment than other transport modes that run on fossil fuels.

There are trends that show a reduction in car ownership and the move to housing in urban areas, which makes the electric scooter a perfect commuter vehicle for those who want a fun ride and avoid getting crowded on the bus or train.

Finally, electric scooters are not just toys for tech bros and hipsters. According to a new study on the new micro-mobility services, including electric scooters, it shows that a majority (70%) of people surveyed in the US think that an electric bike is something positive. And women in particular seem to prefer electric scooters more than bicycle sharing, which is used more by men. The study does not say why, but some things indicate that electric scooters are easier to ride in heels and skirts.

Jack has no opinion on that, but thinks everyone should have an electric scooter regardless.

In addition, electric scooters are easier to use, feel safer and require no physical effort.

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