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Jackstraithill.com is operated and owned by: Jack Straithill AB, registered at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce with organization number 559159-0137, Agardhsgatan 2, 654 55  Karlstad, Sweden.

These sales and delivery conditions apply to the purchase of goods at Jackstraithill.com for delivery in within EU. 

Ordering and payment

Jackstraithill.com is open 24 hours a day and you can buy at almost any time. However, we may close the shop for maintenance. You can only make purchases when the store is open and available.

To purchase at Jackstraithill.com you must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid credit card that we accept. If you are not yet 18 years old, you may still purchase items if you have obtained your guardian's consent and / or otherwise have a legal right to enter into a purchase.

You select the items you want to buy and put them in the "shopping basket". You can edit the contents of the shopping basket right up to the time of order and you can continuously check the contents and price of the goods. Any extra payments such as shipping or debit card charges will be calculated immediately before you are ready to pay. When you are ready to order, click on "Checkout", where you enter your name, address, email, telephone number, payment method and choose delivery method. You can change the contents of the shopping cart right up until you confirm your purchase by clicking on the button "Order and pay". After this, your order passes to Jackstraithill.com and can no longer be changed.

You are required to provide a correct address for delivery of the goods. If the address you have provided cannot be confirmed, Jackstraithill.com reserves the right to withhold delivery and cancel the order.

Cancellation of order

Jackstraithill.com may cancel an order if it is not possible to deliver the ordered product. You will be informed if such a situation arises and any payment or reservation made using a payment method will be returned / cancelled.

Acknowledgement of order receipt and order confirmation

When you order an item from us, you will receive a receipt by email to show your order has been received. However, you enter into a binding sales contract only when you have received an order confirmation / sales receipt from us.

14-day cancellation period

When you shop with Jackstraithill.com you usually have 14 days to cancel, when you can inform us that you have changed your mind and return the item to us. 

The cancellation period starts on the day you received the items. If the period expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Christmas Day or New Year's Day, the deadline is extended to the following Monday. After receipt you may only handle the items so as to establish their nature, characteristics and the way they operate. 

Some products do not include a right to cancel, or you may lose your right to cancel. The following are excluded from the right to cancel: Sealed products, which for health or hygiene reasons are not suitable to be returned once the seal is broken after delivery.

To exercise the right to cancel, you must notify us within 14 days of receipt of the items. If you wish to cancel your purchase, you can use our standard cancellation form included in any package you receive from us. If this form is used, you do not need to otherwise inform us about your cancellation.


We expect you to return the items as soon as possible after you have given cancellation notice and no later than 14 days after you have changed your mind.


Jackstraithill.com offers a 30 days return period.

If you change your mind about your purchase, the items must be returned to us by using the same courier that delivered the goods to you.

Missing original packaging may result in a reduction in the value of an item. To receive a full refund, is it recommended to return the product in its original packaging.

When returning the items, you should make sure that they are securely wrapped. You are responsible for the package / items until received by us. So keep the receipt from the courier and if applicable the track and trace number.

You must pay the costs of returning the items if you change your mind.

Please note! We do not accept packages sent COD or similar.

Documentation of your purchase and return form

You must attach a copy of the order confirmation or other documentation from your purchase. Additionally, it will facilitate the processing if you attach a completed return form, which is enclosed in the package when you receive the items.


When we receive the items, we will check them and you will be refunded the amount you paid to us upon purchase. The amount is always transferred to the same payment method used for the purchase. If for example you paid by card, the purchase amount is reversed to the payment card you used for the purchase.


You may lose your purchase amount, in whole or in part. This happens if the product is impaired or damaged because 

  • you have actually used the items 
  • the items were damaged while you were responsible for them 
  • you handled items in a manner other than was necessary for you to determine their nature, characteristics and the way they operate
  • you have not followed the restrictions of the cancellation right in terms of seals, product type etc.


Follow these steps if you want to return your item(s)

Step 1: Fill out the return form and pack your items securely. Cover up or remove the original shipping label and old bar code on the package.

Step 2: Send the return form with the item(s) you wish to return.

Complaints - If there is something wrong with the product

Your purchase is covered by the Sale of Goods Act, including rules regarding defects. This means that you can either have a faulty product repaired or replaced, receive a refund or reduction in price, depending on the specific situation.

Of course it is a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect is not caused by incorrect use of the product or other incorrect conduct.

You must contact us within a "reasonable period"

You must make your claim within a "reasonable period" after you have discovered the defect. We recommend that you claim as soon as possible and within 2 months of the defect being discovered. You can claim by contacting customer service department. 

So that we can assess your claim, we will ask you the following:

  1. Send us a brief description of how the damage or defect occurred. Please note that you should contact us as soon as you discover the defect.
  2. Please indicate the order number for the item, or attach a copy of the order confirmation / receipt
  3. To document the defect you can be asked to send 4-5 photos together with the description. The defect must be clear from at least one of the photos. Additionally, make sure that your photos show the entire product, from the front and back (with shoes include a photo of the soles).
  4. After we receive your complaint, we will deal with your claim as soon as possible. 

If you are returning faulty item(s), Jackstraithill.com will send you a prepaid return label. If you choose not to use the prepaid return label (making you responsible for all costs associated with shipping) please send the items to: 

Jack Straithill AB

c/o Bookaia Group AB

Rörläggarvägen 30

168 33 Bromma


(Note: packages cannot be submitted in person at this address)

If the claim is justified, we will refund reasonable shipping costs

If the claim is justified, we will refund your reasonable shipping costs incurred when sending the item back to us. Otherwise, you must bear all costs of transport, including our shipping costs for returning the item after the investigation.

Remember that the item must always be well packaged and you must get proof of postage. 

You are responsible for the package / items until received by us. So keep the postal receipt including information on shipping costs and if applicable the track and trace number.

Please note! We do not accept packages sent COD or similar.

Discount codes (vouchers)

We regularly offer discount codes as part of our marketing. These codes are only valid for limited periods and may be subject to special conditions. The codes can be limited for use with specific products, categories or brands.

When you use a discount code you need to buy the specified minimum amount. If you buy less than the specified minimum amount, the difference will not be refunded. Any discount code you wish to use must be entered during the buying process, before you pay for the 

order. You cannot get credit if you forget to enter a discount code before the order is placed. 

Only one discount code can be used per order.

Discount codes are transferable and can be used by the bearer. Discount codes have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash, vouchers or similar. 

In case of fraud, attempted fraud or in cases of suspected illegal activity in connection with the redemption of vouchers, we are entitled to cancel the discount code, to cancel the order for which the discount code was used and block your ability to use Jackstraithill.com permanently. 

Personal data
In order to shop at Jackstraithill.com you must give the following minimum information:

  • Name
    ·       Address
    ·       Email address
    ·       Telephone / mobile number

The above data is stored together with information about the items you have purchased for 7 years from the end of the financial year to which the information relates, see Swedish Accounting Act (Accounting Act (1999:1078) Chapter 7 § 2) after which the information is deleted.

By making a purchase, we will automatically generate a My Jack Straithill account. At jackstraithill.com, you will be able to login and find your order history both new and previous orders, as well as changing your preferences, manage your favorite brands and styles plus see your recommendations and last viewed items.

The collection of personal customer information on Jackstraithill.com takes place within the framework of existing legislation and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.

Jackstraithill.com collects information from users by five sources:

  • By cookies when you visit our websites; e.g. IP address, country, viewed pages, viewed categories, viewed brands, interaction/clicks and searches.
  • By purchases; e.g. demographic data, email address, payment information, items, order amount, discount level, brands and frequency. Including sending transactional emails, e.g. order confirmation, shipping confirmation and refund confirmation.
  • By user behavior and engagement in the sent communication (email, SMS, direct mail or phone); e.g. open rate, click rate and time spend reading the emails, sender domain and type of email client
  • By users supplying information themselves (e.g. adding a favorite brand or information to the customer profile)
  • By credit scoring from 3rd party assessment company.

The purpose of collecting the information serves different areas:

  • Obligations. To fulfil our obligation to you as a customer or user of our service – like purchase, invoicing, customer service and My Jack Straithill account.
  • Customer service. To be able to perform customer service via My Jack Straithill account, email, chat or phone. Answer questions related to your order or previous orders, adjust errors and to guide the customer.
  • Marketing. To display inspiration, product offers/services and personal recommendations via web, email, SMS, direct mail, phone and via 3rd party advertisement.
  • Customer experience. To improve the customer experience interacting with Jack Straithill AB such as personalizing your experience on Jackstraithill.com, development of new features, services and products. This also include to administrate, protect, operate and maintain our websites, system administration and security and to comply aggregated statistics about the site usage, purchases and to improve understanding of our customers preferences.
  • Fraud & risk. To prevent fraud and do risk assessment.
  • Legislation. To meet existing legislation.

Jack Straithill AB creates individual customer profiles based on your collected data across all data sources/categories; e.g.  browsing behavior together with your purchases and information you have supplied (e.g. favorite brand and favorite products). We combine and analyze these data with the purpose of improving your experience at Jackstraithill.com and to tailor personal offers and services as well as to define the communication frequency.

Timeframe for data storage
We will retain your personal information for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in these Terms & Conditions unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law, for legal, tax or regulatory reasons, or other legitimate and lawful business purposes.


Time frame

Marketing purpose for Jackstraithill.com

3 years after your latest activity; e.g. purchase, engagement in communication or visit on our websites.

If you have given your marketing permission (email, SMS, phone etc) and as long as we have your permission.

Storage of order history and obligations to fulfil orders for Jackstraithill.com

7 years or as long as we are obligated to meet the needed legal requirement.

Customer service for Jackstraithill.com

3 years or as long as we are obligated to meet the needed legal requirement.

Customer experience for Jackstraithill.com

3 years after your latest activity; e.g. purchase, engagement in communication or visit on our websites.

If you have given your marketing permission (email, SMS, phone etc) and as long as we have your permission.

Fraud & risk assessment for Jackstraithill.com

3 years or as long as we are obligated to meet the needed legal requirement.

Meet legislation for Jackstraithill.com

As long as we are obligated to meet the need legal requirement.

When you visit Jackstraithill.com, we collect information about all visits to our website. We use this information to improve your user experience, evaluate the use of the individual elements of Jackstraithill.com and to support our marketing.

Browsing can trigger a service email
Jackstraithill.com collects your browsing behavior (e.g. categories, brands, products viewed) to improve the communication of relevant products and offers catered to you. An example of this collection is the products you have added to the shopping cart, but then have chosen to not complete the purchase. This could imply receiving a service email reminding you about the products left in your shopping cart. If you don’t want to receive emails regarding unfinished orders, you can unsubscribe direct via the link in the bottom of the email or contact out customer service department.

Auto login
Jackstraithill.com automatically detects who you are, based on different parameters such as the IP address, device and cookies when you move between different pages and services on the website. This means if you are logged in on our website, you will automatically be logged in the next time you visit Jackstraithill.com on the same device. The same auto login will occur if you click in a Jack Straithill email.

Analytical tool
We use various analytical tools such as Google Analytics, which assist us in collecting statistics on the use of Jackstraithill.com to create a better experience for you.

Information will not be disclosed or sold to third parties, except in connection with a restructuring or a full or partial sale of the company. Any disclosure in such a situation would be in accordance with current privacy legislation.

When you sign up, you accept to receive Jack Straithill AB emails and SMS’ with inspiration, exclusive offers and personal recommendations. The messages are being send via our 3rd party software which meets GDPR protection security requirements. We will use your purchases and browsing data to tailor the offers, we are sending to you. Max. 2 SMS’ per month. You can unsubscribe at any time.

The messages, we send via email, SMS, phone or physical mail, are tailored for you in accordance with your information, habits, browsing behavior, purchase behavior and how you engage with the communication, we have sent to you via email, SMS, direct mail or by phone.

To ensure that the emails do not end up in the spam-folder, we monitor the deliverability for the sent messages to the individual receiver. We are using a 3rd party software tool to follow and analyze the deliverability.

To stop receiving our newsletters, please click the link found at the bottom of each email or update your account preferences at "My Jack Straithill AB".

By using Jackstraithill.com you agree that we may use cookies. A cookie is a small data file that we place on your computer to keep track of what happens during your visit and to recognize your computer. A cookie is not a program and does not contain viruses.

To read about the cookies used on Jackstraithill.com and how you can delete cookies, click here.

In the event that the customer breaches obligations under these terms and conditions, Jackstraithill.com may terminate or restrict their use of the Jackstraithill.com website and orders will not be placed.

The following grounds shall also be considered a material breach

  • The customer gives an incorrect name, address, email address, phone number
  • The customer harasses Jackstraithill.com, our employees or our customers

Jackstraithill.com reserves the right to cancel or restrict the future use of the site Jackstraithill.com and/or charge the customer for any return costs when Jackstraithill.com suspects an abuse of a customer’s account such as buying behavior that misuses our free returns which causes or threatens to cause Jackstraithill.com costs, risks and responsibilities that go beyond normal usage. When a question arises concerning the possible cancellation, restriction or charge of the return shipping costs, Jackstraithill.com in its application of the above provisions, reserves the right to take past events into consideration. Jackstraithill.com can choose to excuse occurred events and act in the way that we believe is most appropriate.

If you have a complaint about your purchase, please contact our customer service. If we fail to find a satisfactory solution, you can, if the conditions are met, lodge a complaint with the local European Consumer Centre. You may also use the European Commission online dispute resolution for your complaint. This portal can be relevant when living in another EU-country. When filling in a complaint, please enter the e-mail to our customer service department.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Purchases of items at Jackstraithill.com are subject to Swedish law. Any disputes are decided by the ordinary Swedish courts.

Access to data as well as change, update or removal of data

As a customer, you are entitled to access your collected data categories (article 15) and you may object to the registration pursuant to the relevant rules in the EU legislation General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Upon appropriate request, we will update, change or remove personal information that we control with reservation against violating any legislation.

We can reject requests, that are unreasonable repeated, demand disproportional high technical intervention (e.g. development of new system or changing existing process substantially) or affect another individual’s personal data. Any queries regarding this should be directed to our customer service department.

Data responsible for Jackstraithill.com is Jack Straithill AB.